Loving Support

29th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Gratitude for those present within our life regardless of the journey or space we are travelling with them at this time, for we all teach and learn so much from each other. We as the human feelers we are can get soo tied up within the experience, the emotions that we cant see the underlying workings being exchanged, the love present within all. This year so far we have all shifted and changed at such an accelerated rate, change is our one constant and our relationships can be our greatest teachers, our greatest gifts, no matter the nature of the connection. If you are finding irritation rise up, feeling a little snappy with another we are lovingly encouraged to come back within. Where does the frustration sit within ‘you’, look within to what you are being shown, what you have not honoured, allowed or acknowledged, what do you need? What are you not giving to yourself, what are you not allowing yourself to receive?

If you are feeling a little clunky or not even sure of exactly what you are feeling within yourself today, emotions may be heightened or a little up and down, just allow it. Come back to the heart, see your thoughts being dropped into the heart space if the mind is being a little too in charge. The answers you haven’t quite been able to find may just start to come through as drop-ins of insight, little aha moments especially if you allow yourself space to get out of the mind lest those little nagging self-doubts come up again, particularly around your ability, your capabilities to shift and shine. Love them, see them for what they are and release them, keep coming back into the heart, into a space of love, into presence, into flow.

A beautiful ray of such love shines through, such loving support, comfort and encouragement through the Angelic realm, feel it touch your heart space, feel it light you from within and remind you of the truly incredible, beautiful, expansive, eternal, magical being you are. Shine bright Angels of Light, the doors are opening, honour yourself, give to yourself the love you seek and watch them open wide. You are celebrated, you are loved beyond comprehension.

With Love xxx

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