Are you Listening to the Body & Heart or the Head?

17th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

You may feel you want to get a few things done, feel the energy within inspiring you to get on with things you may have put on pause, whether in a large or small way, but just be mindful and aware of your body’s messages, yes its speaking loudly its guiding you with the heart, listen to how you are really feeling., Are you listening or pushing past your own needs and allowing the mind to run the show? Are you connected to yourself walking with your intuition and hearts guidance or is the ‘human’ want and need to push ahead?

We are integrating a lot of the big energies that have come in over the last few days so if you are being guided to get up and go just check in which part of you is running the show or trying to and which you are listening to. Listen and be guided perhaps you can get a little done and bring in a balance by honouring what you really need at the same time. If you find you come up against resistance whether within your plans or from another just check in on your want to control the timing or another’s involvement. If you feel a little impatience arising around the things that you haven’t been attending check in, does it absolutely have to be done now, does it really matter, is there any point to forcing or pushing something to be when it is not ready or you are not in alignment or being called to step back and quieten the pace and mind? Can it wait so all aligns and then what you do set your heart or hands to will flow and be all it is to be, grounded and anchored within the heart not just the head.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of unknown)