Super Full Moon Feels

13th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Busyness comes through, the energies moving quickly and in all directions, this feels directly related to the head and so it may serve to a few ties in the day just check in and be aware of the stories your mind is playing, if you are allowing the mind to take you down a rabbit hole and how the emotions then follow. Particularly pay close attention to the thoughts that are repeating and on a loop. More is being revealed to you but this may feel a little scattered, have you feeling a little off balance and ungrounded, as if something feels wrong. It’s really important if you are to take time to come back in to the heart, take a breath and a moment to centre and reset. Ask that all information incoming and outgoing be filtered through the heart not just the head so you receive any insights and messages needed.

I have been guided to checked to see if we have any moon energies at play and yes we have a Super Full Moon coming up in a day or so depending on where you are in the world. Some of you may be feeling these energies coming in already, for those that do know that if you have been feeling somewhat heavy or feel there is a lot going on within you but are finding it hard to pinpoint or understand remember your tools as you lovingly work through anything that is ready, this is a deep clearing occurring and it may feel many things, or not. Know that all is assisting and working for your deeper transformation. This feels deeply personal and working to bring light to the areas where we still don’t accept or love ourselves or allow our authentic self to shine. It feels a detaching or shaking off from what has been left of what you have been working to release and heal so you can more fully embrace all that sits within the newness, new potentials arising within that you haven’t yet connected with but await you.

Much Love xxx

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