18th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Feed the good stuff, don’t put your precious time and energy into things that are not serving your soul path, your heart and sanity. This is not a time to be stubborn and keep persisting with things that aren’t working or that aren’t fulfilling you. Some need to see check in where the routines and patterns of behaviour, the go to feel goods are coming in, they are wrapped within limiting beliefs and are more than ready to be transmuted and rewritten so they serve you in a way that brings in greater joy and empowers you to go beyond the familiar.

Soul is calling for anything that isn’t aligned to be looked at and you may find the more you are being resistant to making those changes that are beckoning you the more they are showing up in your life. What is becoming hard, and what feels the opposite and gives you a beautiful sense of alignment?  It is easy to feel when things are right and aligned, they are serving you as you feel it within your whole being, the heart, mind and body. Where is the fight, the struggle, the old emotions what are they showing you is ready to change? If you feel under pressure, feel pushed with things to do take a step back and try to simplify things until you feel in a clearer mental space.

Some may find over the next few weeks it is a time of feeling everything is coming up and if this is you then go gently, take lots of time when you can to sit and breath, let go, bring in your practices but really observe where the struggle is being shown to you and look at how you can help yourself with this. Where are you being stubborn to change, what are you resisting change around, what are you feeling not ready to let go of? What are your fears around this. Journaling perhaps will help you look within, ask the inner child to show you what you are not seeing, ask him/her for the truth here.

Keep aligning with what feeds your soul, let go of judgments, of others and yourself, again bring in forgiveness, is this what is calling you forgiveness of the self? (scroll back to Tuesdays post and find a practice you can do around this).  Lessen the weight on the physical and energetic heart and mind.

This is also a time that many may also experience immense clarity around their path forwards, epiphanies and ideas making their way to you. No matter where you are at and again this can change day to day, hour to hour for all of us, keep trying to see all from your higher perspective, rise above any chaos or drama, don’t feed into it and look at things from a space of the heart and your higher wisdom. We are being shown how to better serve ourselves moving forward.

It is an immense time but you are more than capable of moving through and making some huge steps forward. Remember the power you hold, the love that you are, rise out of fear and doubt, keep making conscious choice to rise above, changing the thoughts when they come in so as not to sink into the old patterns and ways of being that come to drawn you back, to keep you feeling stuck and incapable of change. Choose to rise above. You hold the power, trust this, trust yourself.

Much Love xxx

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