Slow it Down to be Present in your Power

19th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Slow it down, slow everything down so you can be more present within yourself, more self-aware, which allows you to be in a space of alignment within the mind and heart so they come into greater unity when making choices, decision, actions. You can feel all that is going on within, awareness to the whole self, which is lost in physical and/or mental busyness.

For some being more conscious of yourself will help you to see through yourself to where you are allowing yourself to be side-tracked or are overly procrastinating as a means of avoidance. For some within relationships you are still looking at a situation or experience through rose coloured glasses so as to kid yourself it is all okay, but you are going against your internal feelings as they keep coming up, so it seems not as in such a need of change, but you do know it is necessary but have been avoiding.

Again the part we play or avoid in being wholly responsible for what we are creating and allowing within our world. See through to the truth, the truth that even you hide or try to hide from yourself, but you know deep within. That feeling inside is your power rising, your truth and things are becoming harder and harder to ignore, for you are ready to look at and make the changes within yourself and the situations you are no longer comfortable within. The time is past for underplaying your worth, this is the old way, the conditioned and programmed way of being, time to honour you. You are creating your newly empowered reality in every moment. Playing small, giving your power away or allowing it to be taken from you is no longer acceptable. It does take practice commitment and at times feeling you have slipped back into old ways. Don’t let this deter you, it’s a process, keep going you are doing it and you are in each moment stepping more and more into your true self. Everyone is at different levels of this so never judge or compare yourself to another you really are always exactly where you need to be. Keep reminding yourself that you do trust yourself, that Soul is guiding you in every moment and you are always divinely supported for your highest good.

Blessings and Love xxx

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