Self Care & Boundaries

4th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The coming Full moon energies may have you feeling a little inspired or amped up to create and get things done and whilst this is not a negative thing just be mindful of what you are pushing yourself to do as it may effect your inner balance or your sense of stability. Be aware of not just what the mind the mental body is telling you and is it in fact solely in the drivers seat at this time, but also pay close attention to the emotional body, what’s going on emotionally in reaction to your actions or what you are busying yourself with. There is a need for greater balance so be aware of when the mind is pushing you ahead to be within things you are not actually ready to do or commit to just yet, if the mind is telling you one thing and the heart and emotions another, even the physical may not be on board and actually needing deep rest as we continue to be within deep and powerful transformation and continued integration.

The message of relationships is still circling watch those irritations and niggles that may arise from within when you feel you aren’t able to get to what you want, aren’t feeling supported or agreed with (watch wanting to control or be in control) or feel a lack of balance and ‘equalness’ within the relationship. This may be tipped over within these energies either side of the Full Moon, but as always see the gift, remember all comes to illuminate where you can make change, do different and work to come to better resolution so all serves all moving forwards.

Again ‘presence’, for when you are present within yourself and not off in the mind ahead of yourself thinking about all the boxes you need to check and the things you need to do you get time to take in and be aware of the beauty around you, within the pause and the breath time stands still and you can just observe, know all is well and all will be well. In being present you are better able to really be aware and conscious of how you are truly feeling. Perhaps what stops you finding the pause is connected to doing for others, a need to redefine or create boundaries with others, again what are you allowing yourself to get all involved within that doesn’t concern you? Are your emotions, mind and energy attached to something outside of yourself, another and so you cant seem to get clear on what you actually think and feel? Pull it all back in, balance, meditation and all those sacred practices that bring you back to a state of peace and self, Source connection (Love), balance that with the to dos in your day. Remember the days of being able to push through like we have done for so very long, like our parents did and we observed, and thought was how we had to be also to be considered worthy, valued, feel we justified our existence don’t work anymore, things have indeed changed as we are guided to love the self. Ignoring the self long enough will likely end in burnout or illness if not reined in but remember when this occurs it is likely it does so to bring you to a complete stop as the message has gone unheeded for a period of time. The days of not honouring your needs, your body, your self as a whole and trying to be all things to all people at the expense of yourself, your health, your sanity, your inner peace just don’t work, and you will be shown very quickly this is so. It can be a hard one to work out at times as we can truly feel we do have good practices and balance however with the amount of transformation, upgrading and change occurring within all our systems, our entire being individually and as a whole over the last few years especially, this year already is no exception, to the speed that this is occurring it is no wonder that we are not truly able to see just how much time out, rest and self-care we really do need. You are doing an amazing job, don’t judge yourself, go gently as we continue to learn about ourselves in deeper ways.

Much Love xxx

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