The Expanding Self

15th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Trust in your ability to stay aligned and true to yourself no matter what you are experiencing and feeling is starting to become something that is easier to connect with, bit by bit day by day you are allowing your heart to lead you, you are coming back to your truth faster and not allowing the things that may have squashed you down or deflated you to do so for as long as they once might have.

As you allow your heart to keep opening and to stay open through all, to feel all but to hold love, and this is not saying the brain, the mind is to have no part but that the two are starting to really work together in greater unity, a greater marriage and harmony, so it is becomes easier for you to see through yourself, through the illusions and what is occurring within your experiences. You are seeing through to truth that nothing has the power to take away your power and ultimately what you are at your core.Trust is the key; the heart is the key to keep yourself connected and in alignment. Spend five minutes a day, we can all find this, to breathe and connect to the heart, to sink into the love and our divine connection, presence that is found here.

We are becoming more and more aware of the pathways that we are consciously and unconsciously creating for ourselves, we are working within the human self but allowing the soul to have greater input, we are flowing more within the two instead of feeling they are separate, and so greater connection within our day allows our actions, our thoughts to come from a space of flow as we become more self-aware of the personality, the ego and all its little ways that either allow us to feel expanded or to feel restricted and compressed. We are more conscious of our choices and our games, mind games (and that of others) that impact us and our emotions. We are seeing through.

Greater self-mastery is what is occurring and it is magical as we realise not just within our minds but deep within our hearts, as an embodied belief, that we are so much more than we have been led to believe and we hold so much more control and say, choice that we believed we have had thus far in this lifetime. We are awakening, keep expanding in love precious beings.

Much Love xxx

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