Full Moon Feels

8th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As you know I don’t get too ‘into’ the Moons going ons’ but this one feels intense and powerful! So if you feel triggered or wonder why your emotions are a little or a lot all over the place with old stuff coming in, those things that you thought were worked through past resentments, irritations, relationships issues, self-worth issues know all is okay it’s the current energies swirling within this Full Moon Eclipse that is bringing to the surface to show you where there is either more work to be done, more letting go to be sunk into, opening to greater forgiveness, opening to greater compassion, recognising and knowing your worth, allowing for selflove. These sort of energies can rattle us and can dip you into feeling, if you allow them to awareness is key, all the old critical talk, feelings around your worth in all ways. Betrayal comes in strongly those experiences where you have felt betrayed, felt the dishonesty of another may strike again, trust broken showing you there is more to let go of, to forgive yourself for.

Remember these energies don’t come to necessarily bring chaos, you may also experience the opposite and all in between, a rise and fall, either way all is well, all is perfect. They highlight what is already present within you to help you progress forwards. If you feel a little out of sorts emotionally your awareness to what is arising and your perspective of it helps, try to see anything that rises as the gift it is. Take a pause, take a deep breath or two before you speak, act or react and be aware of if your mind is running off on your and adding to the emotional charge.

The shadow rises to show you what you have been possibly resisting or avoiding, being blinded to or blinding yourself to. It shines a light on old insecurities and patterns that haven’t been fully resolved or healed. Again all is well. Move your body to help the energy move through you, meditate, go gently.

Today recognise your incredible strength and love, the love within you that can truly transform all. Be as best you can thankful for what arises no matter the discomfort, do your best to be honest and hold an open heart to all that arises for all does truly come to expand you, to bring greater freedom from within. Let judgments of how you may or may not feel, where you may or may not be, the rights and wrongs go and come back into love. Rest in your heart space.

You are being show what is still wanting to be brought back to love, you beautiful being are magnificent, love yourself and honour all within the process back to love, to wholeness, the incredible path you walk.

Off to pilates to assist the body.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of unknow)