Stirring from Within

14th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

It is being shown that the current energies may be felt strongly in the gut, its stirring up the solar plexus and the sacral and it may make you feel something is not right but you don’t know what or you can’t find your way within it to make sense of it, yet. The uncomfortableness is asking us to go within, to feel into the stirring and ask your higher self, ask your Soul for guidance at the same time as being in a mindset that there is nothing wrong, allow yourself to be within it and not attach to it. The uncomfortable is propelling us towards change, propelling us to make changes and take steps towards creation. It’s a tricky one as some are not yet ready and some have a feeling there is nothing to hang onto as so much has changed within you but the new aspects haven’t yet fully formed or solidly grounded within, so it can feel like everything is waving around and can feel a bit scattered. All is well.

Go within and ask for guidance and then be aware and awake to what is coming in, it may not be an instant drop in but just observe all in your inner and outer world for the signs, thoughts and messages. Be open as your resistance to what is being given will block you, resistance to universal flow of what is naturally wanting to occur may feel further uncomfortable or even a bit brutal. Let go of the need to have it all how you want it to be, be open to greater in shapes and forms that may be unexpected. Truth are being brought to light from within us, so this week may (or may not for you) feel a mixed bag.

In all relax, self-care, keep it light, find the joy within each moment and go easy on yourself if your feeling discombobulated, for in the next hour this too can look and feel different. Out of the mind and into the heart to rise above and move through these energies with greater ease and flow.

Much Love to all xxx

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