Ease and Flow, slow it down – be present

4th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a very present ‘sluggish’ energy being felt and this has a lot to do with the time of year as our bodies have called for rest, the need for a slower pace to allow it to reset itself. The energies are high at the same time and it may leave you feeling like you should be getting up and going, doing, but at the same time just don’t have the energy or drive to do so. Just allow it.Time to recharge and replenish, you don’t have to jump into things, you will be up and into it soon enough, use this time now to keep a slower pace, slow. it. down. The message of doing things in a newer more present way had been coming through strongly in the later half of 2021, taking what we have learned and putting it into actual practice within our lives. This was very much about stopping and being aware of the old patterns of pushing to achieve, to feel worthy, to feel accepted, to feel loved or needed, to feel valued. Not to rush mindlessly as is so easy to do in the fast paced world but to be more present, present within ourselves and aware, aware of what we are thinking, feeling and experiencing, so we can make conscious choice for the self and what serves best so when we do act, speak, react it comes from a space that is connected and aligned not a reactionary or old space of patterned behaviour.

Time to recharge and this feels very much connected with the heart. As we were guided in 2021 keep listening to you, listening to what the body, heart and soul need, keep choosing to find the best possible way to flow with ease in all, to create ease for the self and thus your experiences. This creates better flow of mental and heart energy.This year you are building on the foundations you have been laying the last half of 2021. We can help ourselves with this by bringing in even greater acceptance, understanding, compassion and forgiveness around all we have been through. The cycles of death and rebirth we have experienced within our lives, all that has come and gone, shifted and expanded. Keep releasing and loving, letting go of the past and lovingly stepping forward, and in so you are creating and building stronger foundations for the future now.

Keep bringing yourself to be ‘present’ within yourself and so within all. Everything moves in cycles, allow yourself to flow within with ease and grace, be present in your now and know that that is perfect, all is truly your abundance.

Much Love xxx

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