30th September 2021 1 By SoulLee Connected

Trust, trust, trust. Trust yourself and your visions for the future.  Ground and trust deeply within yourself and that of the Universe, all IS working out for your greater good and that of the collective as a whole. Where you may be now and where you feel you would like to be may not match up, just yet some in any form at all, but this is against the trust and patience part. Trust in the journey not focus on any particular set destination or goal, it is okay to have goals yes but don’t allow them to blind you to everything else, the journey is where the gems are found, the magic and the now where everything is.

Keep practicing flow, trusting in your timing, your guidance, your ability to navigate and make the right choices and steps when called. Flow rather than push if you feel impatient to create, to be out the other side (naturally) we are all being called within to find and connect with our divine heart self, our peace, and flow this through all we do in the day.

Awareness to our focus again, where we are taking in or being within what is not healthy or helpful to us. Active choice for what is best for us. Allow your Soul, your imagination and your intuition to lead you in your day. Ask for the awareness, ask to be given the knowledge, the space, the time, ask to be shown if you are unsure. The synchronicities are all around us and the more we notice, the more we trust, believe me the more you will see them actively dancing within your day.

We are so loved, guided and supported. Keep stepping forward in trust dear heart.

Much Love xxx

Images courtesy Unsplash royalty free images