You are always Blossoming

12th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today they show the  image of the flower within all of us, in all its beauty. They show the petals slowing unfurling representing the heart opening little by little as we keep moving through whatever comes our way, whatever rises.

“Dear hearts hold on to the love ever present within and around you in each moment. The ever present light, the spark that you are always connected to as a part of the Source of all Light. The Divine in you is awakening, as the flower the heart is unfolding, opening to greater love. Yes this life journey is one that will have many twists and turns, many highs and lows, not one day or one moment will be the same as the next, what remains ever present is love, what remains ever constant is love. Within you sits the love, the support, the wisdom and guidance of your Soul and that of the Divine Source of All there is, you are not alone.”

Today go gently, today step mindfully forward, today be present with yourself as many are and are going to encounter situations, experiences that invite you to call forth your wisdom, to reach in and remember all you have learned, all you have discovered about yourself, all you have let go of all you have gain valuable insight into, particularly the self, which will invite you to put all you have learned into practice. To be the master of all you have walked especially over the last few months. Call it an initiation, a learning so you can step through this situation/experience and not have to encounter it in the same way again, the Soul lesson learned, for some this is allowing you to finally move on. See where this is coming up in your life whether it is practicing voicing your heart, speaking up, your boundaries that honour you first. Maybe it is how you react or don’t react, you allow the heart to lead, to speak. Major steps forth on your journey coming in for all. See how much you have shifted, grown and blossomed and bring in gratitude, deep love for yourself and all. There may be greater realisations and actually conscious awareness to what you have been putting out you are receiving back; you may feel or experience this in some way over the next few days.

Much Love xxx

haltungbewahren: Lovely Pink Flower Wallpaper
Image courtesy of Pixabay free images