Todays Messages with Love

20th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

This month feels as if it has been speed up especially as we have moved into the later half. There has been some pretty intense energies that have brought up and allowed us to continue to process what we are ready to acknowledge and clear, deal with, although mentally you may not feel you are ready, you are. The body feels this so you may have been experiencing different sensations, aches, body fatigue, tiredness, joint ache or stiffness as all that is leaving us is let go from deep within those areas that have hung on to the density. So it can feel that things are really heightened within you and you may be seeing this in others, as they project when not in a space to truly understand what is going on, all is well wherever you are in this wonderful journey of life. It can be easy for some to slip into fear as what is ready to transmute rattles within and can trigger old, old beliefs around safety, security, worthiness, support.

As we have been working on welcoming and sinking into a softer and more of a flow state in our lives when the energies are heightened and quick moving through and around us it can feel a little intense, it rocks the boat, or allows us to believe this is the case. There are so many layers to you, dimensions, lifetimes so the intricacy of what is occurring within you, this clearing and release will be felt in the physical body. If you are feeling it, listen to the body, water comes in strongly, drink it immerse in it. Be mindful of what story you may be attaching to your experience, where is your mind, your thoughts focused, what story are you creating about how you may feel. Be really conscious (as best you can) of what you are projecting out. Go gently dear hearts. Remember see the beauty and you will be show it.

Spirits message is that this is all, all, all leaving that which is no longer serving you behind, the old, the past as you continue to open to more of your true self, a clearer self, a lighter self, a more joyful self within. It can feel unpleasant a little or a lot help yourself by really listening to your body. There are some really old stories, beliefs coming up for clearing, ones that have been carried lifetimes. Old contracts and karmic ties being transmuted. Its big! Try not to resist or fight what arises. If you could only see the incredible beauty within the process that reveals more of your love, your light and freedom.

Much Love xxx

(Light Code – Base/Root Chakra – Please do not share, copy or download unless permission has been given or purchase made. Thankyou.
These will be available soon, I’m just finishing typing the info, time has been a factor! You may connect with this Portal Code for the Base/Root on screen however if you are drawn to. This Code has come through again today to assist you to ground into your body and into the Earth. This will help those especially that have been detached from feeling their bodies due to trauma or other, that may be feeling these energies more so) Lee