Slow it Down as Cycles Come into Completion

13th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we let go of the year of change that we have travelled and move closer to welcome the new year in what stirs within you, have you been honouring the call to slow it down a little to come into a softer way of being. Pay attention to what is coming up for you as we are guided to keep ourselves open, open mind, open heart to all possibilities. As many cycles are coming to completion doors are opening but they are not fully visible yet, you may have little inklings, insights drop in, or not yet. You may every now and then feel if just for a second the energy move through you as nervousness, excitement, as you have connected with what is possible, the potentials that are just outside your field awaiting your choice when right. All the information hasn’t landed yet, this is because we are within a time of renewal, rest and gentleness, preparation as all is not yet fully formed or ready for you… just yet.

If you are finding it hard to stick to a task or even complete small things, finding you are stopping and starting and walking around in circles, feel it hard to concentrate on a particular task, the mind feels spacey all is okay as we are feeling the slower energies present, as we slow it down we come into alignment with these energies and things feel easier, we flow with it rather than fight against it as they can feel sludgy to push through. Again do things that fill you up that bring you joy, share with others, soften within, and allow your beautiful heart to shine through all your interactions, keep finding your inner peace.

Keep moving with trust and an open heart to all the magic that is possible for you, keep releasing and nudging any fears that may rise around your future, where you are, where you aren’t with compassion and understanding. Keep choosing to move forward as old cycles are completing and new doors prepare to open. Knowing when those new doors, pathways present to you ultimately it is your choice which you choose to walk, to enter into, trusting that whichever you feel aligned with is right for you in all ways, for it is.

Connect with what fills your heart and brings you joy. What are you passionate about and what place does it have in your life, is it missing completely or calling you to reconnect?

With Love xxx

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