Remember you are more than valuable & worthy

25th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Valuing yourself and knowing your worth comes through today and is the message for the week if not the next few months to hold tight within as we are being closely held and supported to keep stepping forth on our higher pathways. To continue to have the courage to hold your light and trust in who you are now, who you are becoming and evolving into. Continuing to take the steps that serve in love moving forward. Powerful support is around you. Remember your worth, trust in the insights that you are receiving at this time as you are being given a little peek into how far you have come over the last few months, the power of what you have chosen to work with and shift through, do you feel it, do you feel the change, the shift even if a little? Celebrate all you are exactly as you are now, love who you are now (as best you can), you may not think its exactly where you want to be but keep your heart and focus ahead (now and present) and know you have taken some incredibly powerful steps that are propelling you forwards rapidly.

As we continue to become more self-aware, to be more conscious of the self, more in tune with ourselves, how and why we think, act, express and project how we do, we are taking giant leaps forward on our path, our self-awareness is expanding and opening doorway within us and thus in our outer realities. I am guided to draw a card at this point and we are given Thriving and Opportunity, a beautiful reminder that we are always thriving, we are always stepping and moving forward and we always have choice within each opportunity given. The more we value and know are worth, our worthiness, the more we feel confident and trusting, trustworthy of ourselves to grasp hold of those opportunities, the opportunities that you have been creating, manifesting from the seeds you had already planted with your thoughts, actions, words months ago.

Keep coming back to being present, (self)-aware of where your focus and thoughts are and if they are helping now, if they are powerfully in the now and the future you are creating in love or are they within worry and the past. If they aren’t serving your now moment lovingly acknowledge them, love them and bring them into your heart to be held, heard, healed and dissolved in love.

The heart calls us to run everything through it, all incoming and outgoing information, so greater heart-mind unity can occur. There is a buzzing within the body and some of you may be aware of this on some level but not be able to pin point exactly what it is, there are shifts occurring as we step into even higher states of our knowing, you are ready for an ‘uplevelling’ (to call it that) coming in.

With Love xxx

(Card Images courtesy of Sacred Destiny by Denise Linn)