Density Lifts as a Reset arrive

3rd December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

A sense of lightness, an easing or denseness may be felt within you today as todays energies bring a sense of peace, calm and exhale for those that have been in the thick of it. Many may find themselves in a space of heart reflection of recent experiences and possibly even flashes of old memories of childhood, the feel good moments coming up. This is a much welcomed ease for those that may have been going through some testing times, paths that have felt far from easy to traverse. Take heart as what you don’t see and may not be able to feel solidly within you yet, is the incredible amount of wisdom gained. This has been huge work so please give yourself credit, show yourself a little love and a pat on the back, you are incredible. You have grown and blossomed so much even if you aren’t able to feel or witness this in your world yet. Let it all settle in, allow yourself time to anchor and embody it all, go gently this month if that is what you are being guided to do. For much of what you have moved through you will not have to revisit again, you’ve done the work and learned what Soul needed.

We are coming into a reset, activated by the Super New Moon and total Solar Eclipse in a few days’ time. Your physical body may feel its power so to move through it with ease know all is well, your being is adjusting to the frequencies it is receiving, do what serves your physical vessel well, don’t push through if you can help it. You are your best guide to you, the best guide of what works for you and what you need so listen to your knowing here. There is a sense of many light bulb moments occurring, clarity and downloads of information incoming over the weekend, open yourself to it all, receive with love. For some you are being fast tracked through the portal of your souls purpose path, you’ve worked for it, listened and followed your knowing, done what has been necessary and you will find yourself more connected to your soul led pathway. The lights coming on and you may suddenly know your direction clearly.

We are being guided and lovingly ‘nudged’ to live in our truth, to step up and show up as more of our authentic selves. Where you find yourself now Spirit asks you to take a deep breath into, lead with your heart, trust in yourself and all unfolding, take the leaps when they present even if it feels out of your comfort zone. Trust the path that is unfolding even if it is not yet clear as there is a lot forming but not enough yet for some of you to fully grasp and wrap your mind around, which we as humans like to do. Let the mind go trust that this pathway has been present for you for quite some time and because of the work you have done and the willingness to step up and work with what you were presented with, it IS coming into form, patience, don’t try and force it ahead of time. Breathe.

Much Love xxx

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