The Blossoming Continues

31st March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

All that you may be experiencing now rise up within emotionally and mentally through your heart, the inner self, held within memories or playing out in external experiences, all is showing you or allowing you to reflect on the incredible strength, courage and light you hold within, that you are able to access and work with whenever you need it. You have in the past and you may now be able to look back over all you have walked within this lifetime and see just how much you have grown, you have blossomed, you have transformed within your beliefs and ways of being. All that you have indeed blossomed through has been teaching you how to hold a greater level of compassion and love for yourself, and others, a greater understanding and acceptance of yourself, and others. Within all many have now got to a point that they are able to start bringing in forgiveness, to hold themselves in love and have deeper understand of what they are, a Soul here to evolve through experiences. Through all you come back to understand that you are love and as you welcome love back into your heart, open your heart to yourself you expand and shine in the most beautiful of ways, the Soul sings. Can you see your immense beautiful growth can you see the beauty and the love that you are?

Hands over your heart, right over left and breathe deep, take a moment to stop and sink into love, feel the presence of your radiating heart light in connection with the Source of all Light. You are a beautiful masterpiece ever evolving, shifting and blossoming, even when you don’t feel like you are, you ARE. Centre in love, breath deep into your beingness and rest here a moment. All is indeed well.

Your relationships may still be a point of triggers and emotions for all is being stirred to show you where you are out of alignment or where you are not honouring yourself, your needs, your voice but will also show you where you are also paying a part within a relationship that is not helpful or serving, you or the other person. All is for you benefit so you can move past old hurts, not just within your current relationships but that which you have carried through from past ones that have affected you and your ability to love yourself, and your ability to give and receive love. Yes this is more letting go, this is healing the old wounding’s. It is also showing you clearly how much you have changed in how you handle situations within a relationship.

Much Love xxx

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