‘Bear’ – Use Power with Wisdom

31st August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep sinking into your heart and your inner wisdom, seeing the higher perspective in all. We are integrating so much at this time and as we end the month of August today, which has definitely been a month of immense energy, change and clearing, allow yourself the space if you need it to keep coming back within.

Its like we have a switch that we can flick one way or the other, we can flick the switch up, make conscious choice to come back within the mind to truth, to centre, our knowing that all is okay and that we are heading towards such incredible openings, despite what may be present in the outer world at this time. Or we can flick the switch the other way and allow the feeling of separation, fear, doubt, uncertainty to lead the mind and thus emotional state

We are in such an incredible state of energetic expansion as we vibrate at higher levels, as our consciousness moves more in alignment with the higher self. We are called like never before to our practices, all that we know and have learned, allow the old ways of being that didn’t serve us to be. We will be tested on it but smile and see the beauty of it as you recognise it and make conscious choose to do, act, feel, see, different. Walk your walk, talk your talk, stand in the truth of who you are and be proud of that. So much comes to separate us, or tries to at this time, and it is us who must recognise this and choose not to play in that space, to rise above, be in your own bubble of bliss, light and love, not shrink or fear (as bet you can). This is what we are being asked to practice.

The physical body may feel tired, sleep may feel fleeting, vivid dreams, strange dreams, we are integrating so much at this time as we all step further into our future selves, that are already here. Be kind to the body allow it to process, receive all it needs in way of nurture or what you know you are being guided to give it at this time. Hydration, gentle movement even if it feels tired will help. We are building that strong foundation within as we embody higher levels of light. The activation of our solar plexus, the seat of our power, helping us feel this energy within, connect to this strength.

Much Love xxx  

(Pic courtesy of Archangel Animal by Diana Cooper)