Is what you are missing going within?

17th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We have all been within such a huge life transformative time which has led many to really feel pulled to actively connect and seek out what is next for them, the pull is getting stronger and it can have you feeling a little or a lot restless within. If it feels uncomfortable do your best to flow with and within it without attaching judgement to it or yourself. Spirits message is that your future path is already here you just have to recognise it, your future reality is of your choosing alone you get to decide. Keep coming back to the heart, making space to go within and connect to your beautiful Light, to Soul, to the Divine as this will assist you as you seek greater understanding and meaning in your life and opens the channels of communication, opens your intuitive channels further.

Make space and create time to connect with your heart and listen to Souls messages. Slow it down a little so you can connect to the Divine you within and get out of the constant, for many, busyness of the mind. Your intuition is speaking with you but are you making time or connecting to the messages that you are receiving from your higher self or allowing the human in its busyness and to dos to rule your days. Is it avoidance or not prioritising you? Even when you are busy within the responsibilities of life, looking after others, work, it is always choice what you do when you have time, do you honour you and your hearts needs to be in stillness even if just for ten minutes to reset, breathe and just be, to centre and rebalance yourself. This can help to remind yourself that you are not your experiences but so much more. Remind yourself of the magic that you are that can be easily forgotten and crushed down through the human experience. Choose to rise above and connect with love, that is you at your core.

Some may be feeling where you are not in balance, what isn’t aligning and working for you and the way you can help yourself to connect with the answers is to connect with your heart and listen, ask for guidance. Again make time to go within, this isn’t a onetime or now and then thing but starting to make it a practice and see the transformation that occurs from the inside out over time. Many times we already know what isn’t working we are consciously aware but don’t take the steps to make change we put ourselves last in line and push through. We cannot function in these old ways they don’t work anymore, ignoring the self, playing the martyr, the people pleaser is becoming so very hard as we literally get rattled from within, we feel it and the effects of trying to continue to drag the old ways with us. The imbalance becomes obvious to us but this is where we have to be responsible for ourselves and our lives otherwise resentment and bitterness, blame can arise and this isn’t healthy to hold within it has its own energy.

This may be a time of feeling the need to be quiet or today perhaps you feel reflective, or that you are floating along, this is perfect, don’t be sacred or think you have gone backwards when your memories or thoughts bring up the past, it comes to show you what you have moved through what is no longer present with you but may be present within your emotional body still. Consciously give it permission to leave, thank it for the lessons learned and choose to move forward with love, be present in your now for this is where you are creating from.

Much love to all xxx

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