Full Moon feels? Perhaps

6th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

When there is energy present such as today I check in to see where the Moon is and we have a Full Moon coming up on the 7th or the 8th so a few days away depending on where you are in the world.

You may be feeling the inner niggles of all those times where you have pushed down and forgotten yourself, not spoken up for your own needs, boundaries haven’t been balanced, particularly related to feeling a sense of worthiness, feeling loved and supported, honoured and respected. These tend to play out within our closest of relationships so you may find that you experience situations arising that show you just what you have been working on but also what is still within. Hello again! Some deep wounding’s may be felt and it may feel out of the blue or come as quite a surprise just the depth of the emotion felt. However you feel allow it to rise and be expressed, things aren’t falling apart which they can tend to feel when we have the revisiting of core wounding’s, just opportunity to see, hand over for release what is ready within those layers and come back to love. All is forward progression never backwards.

As came through yesterday within irritations being expressed and lack of patience being seen in others if you have been feeling this yourself we can now connect the dots. Some of us feel the Moons cycles ahead of time and some not at all, whatever is to be for you will be, however you feel or don’t feel, love yourself and be kind to yourself through it. If you are a ‘feeler’ please go gently, you may feel it within the heart and for some it is being shown as many, many lifetimes of being within loss, lost and feelings of abandonment. Deeper layers of grief are ready to be let go of. Allow it whatever it looks like.

Hand on your heart “I (Your name) AM worthy, I (your name) AM lovable and loving, I (your name) AM valued and valuable. I (Your name) continue to open to the truth of who I AM”. “I (your name) love myself as the Divine Source (God, the Universe) loves me”. Take a deep breath in to this and see it expanding as light, as truth through your heart space, blasting through your entire being as you exhale.

A little pop in to note that others aren’t going to do things how you do them, perhaps to the standard or in the way you feel is right or think or feel the same way you do about certain things, hold the same beliefs. Sometimes we need to remember this when we feel frustrated with another as ‘we’ feel they aren’t putting in what they should be, whether effort, time, love etc and we feel it within our bodies as not being loved, cared for, acknowledged. It triggers old wounding’s. Sometimes the heart just needs to be able to express how it feels to another, you may avoid it as you feel vulnerable and your instant reaction is to put up walls but where can you help release, resolution by opening up?

Much Love xxx

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