A Month of Deep Change and Growth

29th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Such immense growth has taken place within this month of March and as we head into April in a few days’ time we are being guided to continue on our committed path of practicing our greater mastery of allowing flow. To keep returning to the self, within instead of handing ourselves over to that which is outside of us or occurring within the Collective. This is not about blinding oneself to what is going on or shutting off, information is valuable, but to be aware and make choice to ‘do you’ and do you to the best of your ability with the wisdom you have in each moment, and this changes from moment to moment, it grows and expands or it contracts, all choice, all growth. It is greater mastery of how we choose or not to allow the outer reality to impact our inner peace, our inner sanctum. Learning greater detachment from what is not ours from a space of love.

We are empoweredly more aware of our ability to actually create, it comes from within not from outside of us, we are not just existing within it, life, as for so long we have been led to believe. We are awakening to our power that we are creating our experiences, and that which the Soul has determined we will for our evolutionary journey. What has been unconscious patterning and conditioning has become more conscious as you have answered the Souls call to expand, to rise and awaken to your magic, to reclaim your beauty. Such immense change and awakening has taken place within it all.

In each moment we either choose to separate from self or come back to the self.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of pexelstalk.net)