Flow & Peace

14th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The flow of life comes through, flow and its part in inner peace. We are asked to take all we have learned throughout our processes within 2021 and bring it all in to our day to day. Walk within the wisdom learned, the power gained, stepping within the self-love learned. Flow is very strongly coming in, being centred and present, aware of and within the self, bringing in balance to the mind, peace within the body. Let go, or keep letting go of the rush, or the push, this is about bringing in a state of gentle flow and this doesn’t mean being driven and motivated is wrong but to take action when it is aligned within the being as a whole, the heart, the head, the Soul and to keep making heart aligned choices, choosing for you that which serves you moving forward, that serves your growth and to not force to bring to creation that which is not yet ready or the foundation the structures are not yet formed..

Keep bringing in and choosing to hold compassion and empathy for those that you may see as being within a fear mindset, or that see different from you. We can assist by holding our light, our love and being non-judgmental, allowing others to be whilst staying in our own lane. We are called this year to step up even further again and be even more responsible for the self, taking complete ownership of our choices, actions, words, thoughts and the power they hold to create for ourselves and their effect on our inner peace, our inner sanctuary harmony. Knowing that there will be moments, days, times that we may feel a part of that fear space, may feel reactionary, we may not feel ‘on top of things’ but know this is perfectly okay as it is not a space that will remain. Choice is made to feel but not sink too deeply within it that we get lost, to be even more aware of the self, the personality, the human in us, we are able to see through so much more and are gaining greater awareness of the power we hold and have within our lives. Less judgment of the self, more understanding and compassion. Awareness of the old programming and conditioning and thus the opportunity to choose to do different and in this we are making huge shifts within our beings and on our evolutionary journeys.

We are creating in each moment the world in which we wish to walk within. Keep choosing love and peace for the self, you can exist within the world but within your own version of the world. All is perception and choice, practice and trust. There may feel a lot of fear and anxiety out there but know you don’t have to take in that fear yourself, their may be wobbles and that is okay, ah to be human right?! Keep doing you, keep choosing the higher timeline of peace beautiful Souls.

Be open and accepting at this time and know that if you are having things come up especially within your close relationships again you are being given opportunity to see what may need a little look into, a little tweak or need to be expressed. The heart is wanting to be heard. They also bring in our balance of the feminine and masculine energies within us all, to bring the two into unity, a beautiful balanced coexistence, a marriage. This is around being within flow, compassion, the feminine and also being able to work within our masculine to get things done with drive and determination when guided it is right. For some there is procrastination occurring, if you think you are waiting for the ‘right’ time it may just be a way or avoidance, time to jump in as there is so much ready to be experienced that will propel you into things you never dreamed you could do, it just takes a little step, or nudge.

Much Love xxx

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