Bloom where you are Planted

5th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Peace is seeking you; love is seeking you.

Give thanks and gratitude to all in this moment, see how far you have indeed travelled through this year, it has been a massive year of change, upheaval, shadow and inner work, most of it coming up without being ‘invited’ as it was all ‘due’ for you to travel so you could expand and open to more of you, more peace, more love.

Bloom where you are planted, again where is your focus, keep working on doing what you can to bring love, peace and harmony to yourself. Mindfulness of what you allow in. Keep honouring the new boundaries you have set for yourself, knowing no matter where you are and how you perceive where you are and what you are feeling within yourself that all is well. Use the power of affirmations, for example instead of “I feel stuck and lost” and this is what you then project to be present with you, can you change it to “I am growing and expanding in each moment”. “I am integrating all that I have learned”.

It is how you choose to look at your day your situation, your emotion that determines how you feel. Hands over your heart and affirm “I am Peace, Light and Love” don’t just say it ‘feel it’, breathe it, be it, embody it, for this is you, who and what you are at your core, your essence is Love, bring it forth, draw it from your heart and expand this vibration to wrap around and support you.

Balance comes in drawing our attention to where we may be burning the candle at both ends. Keep being mindful of how much you are within your head and if you are conscious to all you are doing in the day or simply on auto pilot going through the motions with no awareness. More out of the head and the busyness to a softer way of flow in all you do, slow the thoughts down, slow the mind down and work through your heart, be present, focus on your heart.

Walk through your day radiating love through your being, call it in call in the frequencies of love to be present with you. If you are feeling in a space of struggle call forth Lada Nada or Mother Mary to help you through to walk with you in your day and help you to be present within your heart.

Much Love xxx

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