Live within the Heart as Much as Possible

2nd February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are reminded that the more we are able to put into practice all we have learned about what we do and don’t want in our lives, healthy boundaries that honour our needs in love, that work with how we do and don’t want to live, to be, we are going to see the effects of this really start to ripple out through everything in our lives. The changes made will start to become known on a conscious level.

Your ability to keep coming back to a space of softness and gentleness within, and within your ‘to do’s’ whatever they may be, to be present and aware of the mind and how it can run down rabbit holes and into emotions and stories that don’t need to be, we create a space to just allow whatever wants and is ready to be, to be. This is the space where you are in flow with what is, where you are better able to hear, feel, access what is being received intuitively from within you and through you, through the Divine and from what you are picking up from around you.

If you are feeling a little compressed or full mentally have a look at what you are doing, what activities and what experiences are coming up for you? Know the more you can give compassion to yourself and breathe, centre within the heart (a practice that only takes a moment of a few deep breathes focusing on your heart centre, drop your shoulders, relax your jaw, sink into yourself and breath it all out. “I (say your name) connect to my heart, my hearts wisdom and peace is available to me at all times”. Exhale deeply and smile. For anything that is not in alignment with peaceful flow will rattle and shake to get your attention to it. It doesn’t come to irritate you although it might the human personality, it comes as the gift to show you where you can create, release and access greater peace within through your choices and self-awareness.

It is a day that is perfect to connect with the Archangels, invite Archangel Raphael in three times and ask him to clear the way/path ahead of you. Whether you are out at the shops, visiting someone, driving, or just walking down a street. Ask him to go ahead of you so your path is clear and you walk in each moment in his loving vibration which sets up your experience to be light.

Much Love xxx

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