Acknowledge, Release, Let Go, Anchor

23rd October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep allowing yourself to release that which is falling away, you may be feeling this emotionally, physically or both, in big or little ways. If you are remember to allow yourself to keep grounding into trust, grounding into your strength, using what you know works for you. You are not going backwards, nothing is wrong, actually everything is right, for you are letting of that which you are ready to as you keep stepping into your newness. Moving closer towards that which you have been working towards, creating, as you shed that which is old, shed the old skin and allow your light, your love, your heart to burst through.

Keep assisting yourself within the process of shedding and releasing by doing for you what you know serves you best through these purging times. Nurture your being your body, be gentle, hold compassion and most of all trust. Trust in your ability to move with and within this and that you are doing it and doing it well, just because you may not feel all sparkly, all love and light does not mean anything is wrong, you’re doing the work Beloved, and in doing the work you are unfolding and expanding into so much more of your powerful beauty. You are bringing forth and uncovering what which you are to be seen in more expanded ways.

This month has been one of clearing out and grounding within, anchoring within us the changes, the shifts. You will if not already start to see and really feel yourself coming out the other side and gain more awareness within your world of the changes that have occurred as you have anchored all within, as you have released what you are not taking forwards with you on your path. It can be uncomfortable, if it is keep reminding yourself to come back into the heart, out of the head and of the beautiful releasing that is occurring for you, the shedding it is all worth it, trust. Blessed be.

Much Love xxx

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