Sat 7/8 – ‘Todays Message – Choice in each and every moment’

7th August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

How have you been going with disconnecting from the fear, whether in the media, the people around you or within yourself. Have you actively chosen to come back to the heart, it’s a process to keep doing in the moment when you are aware that you have slipped back into running the fear programming. The mental mind can be very, very loud, deafening at times, and feel it is pulling you in different directions but this is why we have been asked for a while now to come back into greater flow to assist us. We do this by quieting the mind, the fear chatter and to enter the heart, come back to the truth that you don’t have to play in those fear based games. You CAN make choice to step outside of what is going on and keep coming back to the peace found deep within. Sinking into peace before action so we can create within our day with greater ease and flow and yet still get everything done.

The mind may be very much active at this time, especially coming back to those old fears around your relationships, with family, from your childhood. Keep choosing to rise above and see you are being shown you have choice. You  are being shown what you have come through and gainer such greater perspectives and awareness. Now is time to put that into practice and knowing, remembering your power of choice, as you are being shown the power of your peaceful choice. 

This is about us moving beyond our limitations, our perceive limitations to step into a greater, easier, more graceful heart centred life. It will still look the same but you are what is different, you have changed, you don’t operate in the programming and conditioning of old. You have risen.

Be the love you wish to see, wish to receive in the world. Love is greater than fear. Make it your choice to be that love, for that is what you are at your core. You are finding your way home to this with each choice made in love, over fear.

Much Love xxx Lee

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