Putting it all into Practice & Slowing it down

18th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are being given at this time and this feels will continue this month of November but is really always occurring, opportunity to keep practicing and actively walking within all we have learned this last few months, practicing our mastery of peace, of dropping into the heart, self-awareness to our needs, listening really listening and being open to our higher knowing, the guidance and wisdom we are receiving that is always flowing through Soul, the Higher Self, the Universe. We walk within a space of expanded awareness to all within and around us, the more we are aware of ourselves we strengthen that connection to self it is helping us to recognise and make choices that align with who we are now, our expanded selves and so we are becoming better able to detach, to allow, to connect to peace and our hearts, to centre within love within our lives.

Keep clearing out and cleaning up your spaces when guided, make little steps to do this if time is an issue, for this invites the new, and welcomes new energy to be present.

Again as came in yesterday if you feel a little more emotional there’s nothing wrong for so many the heart is expanding, opening, you are feeling within the heart space. You are able to feel love, to feel the love present not only within yourself but all, your compassion expands and extends. It is beautiful.

Keep slowing it all down, the mind, the physical busyness where able, what matters what has to get done and what is not necessary or habit, routine driven? What part of your busyness is mind driven with that ‘I have to do, do, do’ mentality of the old ways of being? When you slow things down you are able to receive, to hear, to make space to listen to all that is being given to you through the moment but also through Soul, the Universe and your intuition.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of istockphotos.com)