Full Moon Feels

6th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

This last week has been somewhat tiring on the body, you may have felt this as the last remnants of all that has shifted over the last month settles down a little, integrates. It may have and may still do (it will trail off) feel as it you are really dragging yourself around, you may have experienced feeling a little heavy in the respiratory, not quite have the puff you normally do, feel energy running or heaviness in the heart space the muscles, joints. All is well March was a big month, it’s been a huge year already, this is the quickening we are within. Those that are still within the mindset of or engaged within old patterning beliefs that say to be busy and to ‘achieve’ is our marker of being successful, valued/or value, many have parents that we learnt this from, it is generational, may have struggled with this more than others.

We continue to be asked to observe without judgement our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts, what our mind is saying and what our heart is wanting and find a space of balance and flow within all. It’s not an easy task at times staying out of self-judgement, the inner critic running the mind chatter. The need or want to ‘do’ rather than ‘be’ can be deeply ingrained but with little changes and choices, awareness, you can start to shift this. Continue to be really self-aware (present) so you can choose what you are allowing for yourself. Sometimes we have to fully surrender to what we have to experience, what wants to arise and just be within it as there is great learning that we need in order to progress.

You may have felt tired mentally and emotionally this week and understandably so, have you given yourself a little compassion and space to be, have you stayed out of judgement that would only serve to magnify all you are feeling? Know you are so much better at picking yourself up on self-criticism, seeing the bigger picture but you will have times, we all do, that we feel we sink into it a little, this becomes less and less the more you continue to be present within and not caught up in the outside worlds goings on and the busyness all around you, recognising what is yours and what is not to involve, engage or attach yourself to .

This Full Moon will highlight where you are trying to push and drag yourself through, what you continue on with that is, and yes it may sound like a broken record, not working for you. We can be so good at not listening or kidding ourselves that we are ‘all good’ with all that we shove into our lives, we hide things from ourselves, we procrastinate and avoid, resist. This Full Moon may just be your ‘tipping point’ to change, to choose differently, whether it be a small step, a no instead of a yes or a big long overdue change as what is highlighted shows you that perhaps you can’t keep going on this way.

The physical body has been hit with some intense energies, it has been really felt this week the waves, all of us feel it whether we are conscious of it awake to it, aware, or not, we all feel it in some way. The intensity of the light and the cosmic activity that has been impacting or entire beings we have been feeling its effect on the physical. Feeling this on top of what you have going on. Again all is well, and why it is important that you give to yourself what you need. Get in the ocean, salt baths, movement, stretching, nutrients, hydration – water and lots of it. Grounding is important as the higher frequencies of light we are receiving for some can have the effect of feeling a little out of body, spacey, feel here but not here in a moment as if flickering between dimensions. Anchor to the Earth, ground, anchor the lower chakras. Meditate and be still when you can, make the time as this will help with the mental chatter.

For those that can allow, surrender and trust clarity is coming.

Much Love xxx

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