Connect with the Soul Self

24th June 2022 0

Take a deep breath in, all the way to fill your lungs expanding your chest close your eyes and exhale deeply. Make a deep audible sigh as you do and relax your whole body, allow your shoulders to drop, sink your weight into the earth. Drop into your heart space and just breathe. Take a…

By SoulLee Connected

Heart and Mind Union

23rd June 2022 0

Just a little check in to nudge you to look at where you are directing your energy, your focus, your thoughts and emotions. Where is your focus and how does it feel within you, what is being stirred by the mind and what is flowing from the heart, what allows flow and what is creating…

By SoulLee Connected

Grief, Loss and Sadness

20th June 2022 0

There very much feels a sadness, a loss of some form around today, its roots feel within a massive collective and karmic purging. So if you feel grief, a sadness that you can’t explain, just feel a little off centre emotionally just allow it. This feels very deep and very old, ancient and so may…

By SoulLee Connected