Powerful Light you are Amazing

22nd September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

If the space you find yourself today feels not one you want to be or where you thought or hoped you would be, if you feel a little reflective of your past, your journey up until this moment, all is perfect, all is okay, it really, really is. Be gentle dear heart with yourself, let the self-judgment, criticism, doubt and fear be, allow it to be present without feeling something is wrong, all is okay you have travelled your Soul pathway with such courage, such strength, such willingness to move forward especially in those moments you felt you couldn’t keep going, you did, your doubt became a mountain that felt immoveable, it wasn’t, your fears felt crippling, you felt limited and less than, you found a way. You dearest Soul, dearest spark of light you are always moving forwards, allow the past to be, everything up until this moment in space/time that is now to be put to rest with as much love, peace, and acceptance as you are able. See a line in front of you and choose to step over it into a new day, hand on your heart, take a deep breath in and exhale.
“I (your name) choose to begin anew in this moment. I call forth the power and strength of Divine Light directly from the Divine Heart of All there is to FULLY renew and strengthen my trust, confidence and faith not only in myself, but my Soul and my Divine pathway forwards. I AM open and fully receptive to greater joy, prosperity and love weaving and expanding through my life. And so it is. Thank you”.

Clearing your field and mindfulness to what you are allowing to spend time within your energy, your love will serve well today. Where is your focus, drop into your heart and have a little check in throughout your day, where and on what is the focus of your thoughts, words, and thus emotions?
Keep making those good conscious choices that serve you and the life you want to live within and attract to you, that support who you are and who you are becoming. If the head is off and running you back within the past, acknowledge it, thank it for it does serve you in wonderful ways our logical minds it’s not completely unhelpful, and see it being directed down into the heart with the breath, allow the two to meet for a moment to acknowledge each other and the roles they play. Ask your logical mind to communicate, work with and run everything through the heart so all you do within your day is expressed through the lens of love.

They show a lot of integrating occurring and you may receive little insights come to you as well as clearer understanding or resolution within your thoughts around past experiences. There are doorways becoming more present, trust this even if you can’t see or connect with them yet. There is a lot shifting and moving, turning points occurring. Being within flow, moving without resistance through your day brings a gentler experience, remind yourself all is well, release judgement of your feelings as Spirit reminds of the message received within the week of the heart openings and expansion occurring that brings a more feeling experience to be present.

Powerful light you are amazing! Hand on your heart, close your eyes and ‘feel’ the power of each word – “I (your name) Am complete, I AM whole, I give Gratitude and Love for all that I AM and all that I AM to be. I AM a Sovereign being of love and Light”.

Much Love xxx

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