A Little Pop in

20th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Try not to be discouraged if things don’t seem to be working out or you ‘feel’ things aren’t right or as you had hoped for, as your heart wants them to be. Know ALL is right for you try not to be discouraged or feel you are off track or things are crumbling, for this is just a moment in time and is your human perception, and this is perfectly okay. Spirits message here is to be willing to ‘shift’ to be flexible, to allow movement within your wants and your desires to be.

There are moments of incredible clarity that will bring deeper insight and understanding presently flowing in to you. To be better able to receive, open and connect with these messages of Divine love and guidance be open to allowing the shape, form or outcome that you had planned or held within your mind to shift, release any need to control, your expectations and be free, allow room for the Universe to deliver new pathways, new ways you hadn’t anticipated or entertained the idea of, that may just get you to the exact space you wanted or even better. As you choose to let go and be flexible these messages are gong to pop in with greater ease, you are going to connect with the insights and have those little sparks of ‘ah ha’ moments. As you open to greater flow, freedom, you may just find that from there new factors come into play and from there you may adjust your course, or make a different decision or choice based on your newfound clarity and opportunity.

We are truly so closely guided at this time.

Much Love xxx

Green Mountains and Flowing River
(Image courtesy of Pixabay.com)