Release, Let go and Flow

17th January 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

All that is trying to, or seemingly moving away from you at this time is for reason, trust this, I say trust this as some of what you may be experiencing shifts occurring around within your world, particularly relationships, may not feel very pleasant or you may not feel ready for and so in ‘unreadiness’ as we cant see the picture as a whole and how it benefits us, may slip into fear or try to cling tight and resist what is naturally unfolding.

There is so much shifting at this time and it may very well feel quite chaotic for some of you, know it is okay, know it will pass, use your tools, connect within your sacred space regularly, your heart, with your higher aspects of self. Support yourself with what works and as came in yesterday be kind to yourself but also be aware of what you are using to comfort yourself with to get through, some of this is being triggered so you can try to make choice to do something different, to go within with what and how you are feeling into at this time instead of masking, avoiding or resisting. Some of these coping strategies are the very thing that is coming up for healing and releasing. As said yesterday don’t beat yourself up if you revert back to old ways, just be aware and keep moving forward gently, all in its time for you.

Try your best to keep your heart open, your compassion and heart open not only for others but for yourself at this time. Our hearts are undergoing rapid change, massive expansion and clearing as we keep choosing to remember who we are, to keep stepping into our magic, our power to choose for ourselves and walk within the higher timelines available to each of us at this time. Keep releasing and letting go and you will feel the shifts occurring quite quickly, everything feels at warp speed.

We really are being called to live in the moment as things are changing so very fast and this as you know is the only space we can best function and be in control of, the now. Flow within your now, move softly and with purpose as we are guided to let go of anything that we hold onto such as resentment, anger, those things that go around and occupy our heads that are calling to be laid to rest. And yes depending on what these feelings are attached to it may be an easy swift process to bring in forgiveness and release or it may take more time and your conscious heart effort to choose to do the work around it. Remember the calling of radical self-responsibility this year.

It is important to know, really know that no matter what you are experiencing whether discomfort, chaos or joy you are doing amazingly well, you are not going backwards even if you feel a bit that way, you really aren’t. You are a powerful being and if anything shows you just that it is that you have chosen to be here at this time in our evolution, there is no coincidence, you matter.

Much Love xxx

Image Violet Flame Code – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022