All is Working FOR you

14th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

When the energies feel a bit scattered and deep as they do I do look to see if there is a ‘moon’ influence at play, I don’t tend to follow the moons cycles but do most certainly feel the energies of such. If you have been experiencing a scattered feeling, mentally and even within things you are doing in your day, so coming through the physical, whether it be lacking clear focus, finding it hard to get the mind together or even yourself together with things you want to do, feel your connection is a bit off you may be experiencing the coming moons effects already. All is well.

What you are feeling rumblings around is presenting so we can change or become better aware of where we are actually out of balance, especially within our own needs and anywhere we are blindly overlooking the self. Where we are running around and not paying attention to what is best for us, perhaps over doing it for others, yes those old patterns. We can do for others AND put ourselves in the picture but this can get a bit lop sided and your being, especially the inner child will only put up with it for so long before its shaken. See what is being reflected to you in your outer world and look within to see where these same energies may be present within you. If you are seeing the unsettledness outside are they reflecting to you the unsettledness within? The past again rears its head, memories, emotions, dreams, remember if it does come to visit and it feels heavy or unsettling this is not for you to sink into and get lost within, be compassionate, be kind to yourself, go gently and allow it to all move through you. Bringing in forgiveness and love as best you can to what is presenting will assist this to shift through you with greater ease. All is clearing, all is working towards you standing in your power with a newfound boldness, authority and love. All is working to bring you back to yourself. Be present with yourself, be present within yourself, allow and release, allow and release. Go within and centre yourself within your power. This is all about your power within all.

I have asked for further messages around this and what has come through is ‘New Perspective’ and ‘Leadership’ confirming that whatever you may be feeling is not to sink into it but to allow it with love, observe what arises. Seeing things from a new perspective means not getting all caught up within how you are feeling but seeing from a higher perspective that all is working for you, not against you, all is opportunity to witness and bring your power back to yourself. This is how you take the leadership role within your life; you can choose to sink into it or to love it, nurture yourself and move through it knowing that all is serving you for your highest good. This is walking within greater self-mastery and this is what it is very much about this year. All is guiding you to greater responsibility and the process of reclaiming your power. So you stand in your magnificence, in greater connection with your true self and the divine being you are. All is a gift and beautiful opening. Shift your perspective and you powerfully shift your energy and your life.

The Angelic Realm feels very ‘close’ to us at this time and its perhaps no wonder then that many have been guided to connect with the Angelic Realm support Code. It is a free use Code, use it in meditation when calling in or seeking to connect with the Archangels or other Angels. Mother Marys energy is very much present within this Code. If you would like it emailed to you please message or email me and I will sent it to you. You are free to print it out for personal use only.

With love and gratitude to all xxx

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