Changes ~ Hold Peace

28th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we move through this last day of February and prepare to welcome in March the energies of change are very present, so obviously present. Things are shifting at such a rapid pace as we watch the unfolding in our world from the little shifts to the extremes. The Earth Mother is joining in, all is rumbling. It can be easy to get carried away within it all so keep checking in with yourself, what are you choosing to carry that is not yours to do so, not from lacking love but your own health? We can hold empathy, compassion, love, even anger and fear for others, but we truly can only be responsible for our own reality. Send love, send light to those that need it, call on the Angels, the Divine to hold those in love that are doing it really tough at this time and trust that all is unfolding according to their path and Divine will. You cannot truly carry the responsibility of anyone but yourself. Choose to anchor and shine your own divine light and you do so much for the planet and all living beings as a whole. You of course may be feeling the changes within your own world rippling out through your relationships, your work, your family and friends, your experiences. Everything is moving, everything is shifting so the message that is coming in loud and clear is to connect to peace, go within. Come back into yourself, seek the light within you, it is there, it is at your core. Remind yourself of the light that you are, the courageous light being that has chosen to be here at this time. Seek peace within your inner sanctuary to remind yourself of the ever present love and peace. Keep your practices up as this will greatly assist you to navigate through so much of what is and will be coming to light individually and as a whole. Do what helps you to be in as peaceful a state every day, let resistance go, let the anger go, the fear, welcome in peace, breathe deeply and exhale. Again what are you taking in through other sources that may be tipping you over mentally? Every morning see the planet and all its beings, from ant, tree, flower, ocean to humankind being surrounded in healing light, surround the earth in the light of love. Invite peace to be present for all living things. Use your tools and as much as possible be within a gentle state of flow to help you ride the waves, big or small with minimal wobbles and allow your emotional body to process all it is at this present time.

With deep love to all xxx

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