13th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

However you are showing up today, no matter your ‘mood’, the energy levels you feel know that whatever version of you presents in any moment that exactly how you are is perfect for that moment, no need to judge yourself, engage the overthinking mind, no need to analyse yourself, your emotions, judge nothing, just flow. Go gently with yourself, a day to just flow with whatever comes as again all is perfect. With others remember to see all as doing the best they can with where they are at on their own journey.

As you move through today you may become aware of, feel within moments of clarity your growing conscious connection with your own Divine self. There may be moments this weekend that bring small insights, you may only connect with them when you are in flow, in a space of busyness you may miss them. For some they are around your natural (some uncovered some not yet) gifts you hold, a real sense of actually recognising all the goodness within you, what you are good at naturally how you are able to hold space for others, your compassionate heart, your ability to guide, there are many. So if you feel drawn to doing a particular thing especially if it is supporting you or it is creatively supporting you then jump into it with both feet and your heart as you are being closely guided here.

Communication with others comes in especially within close relationships, being mindful of how you are speaking, what you are projecting to the other person/s, can you flip it and see it from their perspective, how would you feel or react to what you are saying/projecting and how you are expressing? There is opportunity to make some little breakthroughs within your relationships or bring about mutual understanding within situations that haven’t yet been resolved or spoken of. Speak from your heart.

There is a very real sense of a greater awakening occurring within each of us, greater reconnection with who we are and wanting to bring that out of us even further to walk with us in our day. We are being shown how much we hold the power and the key to ourselves and our own unlocking/unfolding.

Much Love xxx

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