Your Beliefs around your ‘Worthiness’ may arise

21st November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

If doubts arise particularly coming through around your worthiness, it can be the smallest of things that trigger a limiting belief, whether you are comparing yourself to another in any way or just sinking a little into those thoughts of not enoughness, feeling you lack, feeling limitation, take a few deep breathes and exhale all that out. Keep pushing it out for one it is not truth, not your truth in any form it is your perception and what you are carrying within that is shining for you to recognise what you are still working within, what you continue to bring into love. Instead of sinking in to it and becoming emotionally and mentally consumed choose to cancel it all out and come back into the heart. It may be hard at first but keep practicing it for the mind will run with all the reasons why you feel unworthy, bring up all the scenarios and past experiences if you let it. Give yourself a break first for we are human, there is nothing wrong with it, with you, for this is where you are beautifully growing from, continuing to expand and learning to bring all those unloved aspects of self back into love, back to wholeness. To not just know but to embody the truth of who you are.

You may feel the energy of it within your chest, your heart space as you remind yourself that this is not who you are. You may feel the resistance as the truth of love washes through the energy of your current belief around your worthiness. Invite love to be present, hands on your heart, smile, remember who you are. “I (your name) connect to the truth of who I AM. I AM whole. I AM complete. I AM worthy. I AM enough. I AM Love”.

Over the next week take a moment to reflect as you have the ability to see things with a higher perspective, just how much you have shifted, and yes we all are continuing to work through the layers of our beliefs but the shifts that you have made over the last year, year and a half have been incredible, you have walked, run and sometimes crawled through major transformation. If you could see the celebration, the joy, the unconditional love that the Divine and those in Light have for us the tears would flow. Feel it know it for it is so. Keep letting go of that which is unhelpful, keep bringing the head into the heart. Breakthroughs are close.

Blessings and Love to all xxx

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