The Light Shines

20th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As the light shines through us, shines deeply on all the unloved parts within us, as the emotions flood to the surface how you react or not to them, how you either internalise or project them outwards is always your choosing. All the choices we made that we question if we said or did, chose the right thing for us, particularly highlighted within all our relationships yes including that of the self may rise. And within this it has been how we have honoured our truth and loved ourselves that has determined much of what we have formed, created and allowed within these relationships.

Please be kind to yourself, there are some pretty massive waves washing through and depending on what you have going on in your life it may feel pretty raw, heightened, agitated from within. You may be experiencing this physically within the gut, solar plexus area, effecting the bowl, the digestive and nervous systems, joints. For some they may be feeling this a lot more within the heart, physically within the chest, tired and fatigued (and of course seek advice if this feels wrong of you have concern). What we have been holding energetically that has been stuck, held on to, the places where we have not expressed, stood up for ourselves, or projected it all on to another wrapped up in blame, felt your power was taken or allowed it to be, haven’t been supported or honoured, all the truths are rising as the light shines through them. What was once able to be stuffed down and pushed over/through with busyness and avoidance is shaking louder, a blind eye can no longer be comfortably turned. The light shines to reveal deeper layers for healing, shines on that which we have refused to see and acknowledge and if this is fresh and new to us it can feel a shock. The light shines on that which brings the breakthrough. Our journeys are really being fast tracked.

Do the best you can within it whatever rises for you. Remember that you navigate all better when you allow, when you are gentle with yourself (as best you can) when you breathe and make conscious choices to practice what helps you through, movement, water, rest, but if you feel like releasing with a scream let it out, all is energy allow it to move through you however feels best and however it is coming up to be expressed. Sometimes a good scream is what is needed it doesn’t mean you are out of control; it is the human that labels it so or feels it to be, or how others may perceive it, do you. Make time to come back within, close your eyes and just breathe, feel the energy rising (emotional charge within) and breathe it out.

What comes to light for you, the insights gained allow you to make different choices, to have those needed conversations (from love), to speak truth, to change, to own, to love. What feels dark, what feels a hole opens you to the light, in the moment it just may not feel that way but it is so. Choose to see, honour and own the truth of what is being revealed to you. The little steps you make all have valuable impact and purpose to creating the new for you. You always have the now moment to choose different, to make change, to come back within. Remember you are always enough, you are always whole, you are always and already worthy. Align with love and choose to let go, release the fight, the control and open to allow what is ready to move away from you, what is ready to change form, what is ready to open from within you to be.

Much Love to all xxx

(Light Code ~ Peace ~ SoulLeeConnected (c) 2022)