Future Creating

8th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep making choices that serve you as you continue to move forwards, all is continually working with you and supportive of your efforts to maintain a space of love, joy and peace amongst what has been and felt quite a challenging time for many. If you continue to feel the tension within or through your outer experiences connect with the tools that support peace, find time to ground, to meditate to take a breath to connect with your heart. Slow it down, you may still feel the need after the Eclipses (the period between the two) to recuperate and go gently. Slow the breath, deepen the breath become aware of your body and allow any tension to drain out, let it go. See it, sense it, feel it being passed down from your head (or wherever you feel it, probably a good idea to move from head to feet) through the soles of your feet into the Earth, ask and allow the Earth Mother to support you and to take it from you. Your transformation continues and if you are still trying to resist certain issues, certain changes that have been illuminated but avoided you may still be experiencing the feeling of being rattled. All is well, notice observe yourself and what brings up sensation with you, what are you thinking, doing, focused on, what are you engaged in or with whom? Connect the dots.

Use the Violet Flame, the chakra Portal Codes, any tools that work for you to continue to clear your fields, your bodies of anything that is not your and to assist free flow of your life force energy. Checking in with what you may be holding that isn’t yours is a practice that will serve you well. You will get better at discerning and knowing/feeling the difference. Ask the heart or the subconscious mind “Is this mine, is what I am feeling mine, or of me?” You will receive an instant yes or no answer/knowing, if it feels confusing or fuzzy you have either engaged the logical mind, overthought it or an energy you may be holding may be blocking your clear knowing. In this case clear your field anyway.

The Violet Flame and Its information along with the Archangel Michael Cord Cutting wording (which also uses the Violet Flame Code) and has additional wording for disconnecting from a specific person, are all in the Files Menu at the top of the Group. The Chakra Codes are available for purchase on the website, contact me for a special Group Member discount, they can be received digitally or digitally and laminated.

We are through the Eclipse period (cue sigh of relief) continue to be aware of where your intent and focus is for you are creating from this point, what are you choosing, what are you creating or drawing to you within your day. Keep it out of drama and in Love, peace, commit to maintaining a sense of balance and groundedness, of lightness as you continue to be aware of what triggers you but instead of sinking into judgement or blame, projection you practice holding a sense of curiosity and observation as to the root within that brings the energetic reaction. Don’t forget your sense of fun and adventure, find the joy, what brings a smile a laugh what lights you up, find a little within each day. Look for the beauty that is all around you and within you and you draw more to you of like energy.

You are focusing ahead, no longer looking back or being draw back into old stories and ways of being that you have been working hard to change and overcome. Focus ahead, Light held high, heart open and radiate that ahead of you. Archangel Raphael reminds us he is but a call away – “I (say your name) call forth Archangel Raphael once, Archangel Raphael twice, Archangel Raphael three times to be present with me now. Archangel Raphael I ask please that you light the way ahead of me, today and all days so that my path ahead and each step I take is paved in your Light and clear of shadow. Thank you”.

Send Light ahead of you in all you do, when you clean see your cloth, your brush whatever it is wiping with light. When you write see the light flowing within each word each stroke of your pen. Let light fill all you do, use it so all you do is ‘Light filled’.

Remember we have opportunity in each moment to create and be within that moment how we choose to be. Shine your beauty dear hearts, send light ahead of you to create and be within your days. It is what you are of. I have asked for a card at this point, and we receive Opportunity and Transformation. Beautiful confirmation of all received. Keep going you are creating your future with each breath.

With Much Love xxx

May be an image of text that says "OPPORTU"

(Card Images courtesy of Sacred Destiny by Denise Linn)