22/02/2022 ~ You are Rapidly Evolving Divine Light

22nd February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

It is indeed a powerful energetic day being 2/2/2022 but todays message didn’t want to concentrate on any of it…. at first 😉. Todays message is that you are exactly where you need to be, right where you are meant to be in this moment. ALL is perfect in this moment, all.There is a lot wanting to be released at this time and you may be feeling it vibrating within you, being shaken up, your energy literally being shaken. A lot of karmic learnings repeating for many giving us opportunity to do different, they are coming around again within our relationships particularly as we are called to recognise and acknowledge the part we are playing in these cycles and the impact of the choices we make, or don’t make, to shift things that we are replaying again and again, lifetime after lifetime, is gaining momentum.

The energy is strong and has been (I feel) through last weekend and will continue this week, there are timeline shifts occurring and this is being felt within the physical body, through our core. The old memories may be occurring, emotions coming back up, you’re feeling it allll vibrating and moving within you. Know all is okay you are actually stepping into a new you, for what is old, what is struggling to align within you, as it simply doesn’t, is shifting and making its way to the surface. It can bring up feelings that are best described as feeling wobbly, clunky, don’t know where to put yourself, a bit lost as if you are not fitting within the world you have, it feels different. You may feel you don’t quite know who you are, it can feel very strange and even bring up fear. KNOW it’s okay this is the deep dive as they show the image of the scuba diver diving so deep down it is black but for his light, and this is just the point there is always light no matter how dark or lost you feel in the moment, I feel I should say it feels like the void space. Release and let go find the calm and the peace here for the golden light that you are receiving is magical.

What helps is to keep consciously choosing to pull the mind back from wanting to go into the details, the thousand thoughts, the human fears and doubts, as best you can. Breathe and trust, breathe and know you are supported, breathe and know it all perfect, be gentle, be soft, be compassionate to you. What is occurring is massive within your being.It is a HUGE time of manifestation, big potent manifestation energies present, so what you are thinking and projecting is being amplified. Hands on your heart, trust yourself, trust your Higher Self. You are being activated and encouraged to step into your power, your love, your beautiful magic as the divine creator being you are. Open, open, open and embrace the power that is awakening within you.

Joy Love and Peace to all. xxx

(Image courtesy of dreamstime.com)