Focus & Release

25th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Mindfulness today of what we are attracting and creating through our thoughts, words, actions and reactions. Remembering that all creates, all is energy. The powerful effect of your thoughts, emotions (energy in motion), words have on shaping and forming your reality. They are powerful creators so check in with yourself often in your day, what is running through your thoughts, is it serving is it aligned in love and for your best moving forward, is it in the past, is the inner critic at play? It doesn’t mean rubbishing our thoughts as they offer valuable insight into showing us what is going on within, what we perhaps need to further recognise, heal, work on or release.

Release of the old makes space for new connections, new information to be accessed, opens us up to receive what we are ready to now be within, the next level to call it that available which is unique for everyone. What release, growth can also bring is the uncovering of deeper layers that are now revealed to us as we can now go deeper into what is not serving us and again offers greater, deeper opportunity to release. Awareness – Release (heal/allow) – Integrate – Open/Expand – Awareness – Release. See this process as the beauty it is.

You have become more aware of your inner changes, feel the subtle differences within that are reflecting through your thoughts, words, actions, emotions and now you may with this New Moon and Solar eclipse get to put to practice your wisdom gained, to walk in your newness within your relationships. How you fit in within close relationships, friendships, colleagues, everything from support, power, money, truths/deceit may, depending on what you have going on in your life and the themes Soul is currently working through, or that has yet to be resolved and healed, come up as Soul as your heart continues to seek authenticity and honesty to be more present within your interactions with others, how you connect with others.

The Venusian Codes (such as the new one that came through a few days ago ‘Queen – Divine Feminine energy) have very much been present lately, you may feel drawn to revisiting your Venusian Codes if you have any, the one posted to use with the Head/Heart Audio yesterday is one such Code. This is now no surprise that their connection has been felt strongly coming through again as this Solar Eclipse is connected to Venus and thus all things love, relationships, the feminine (which no matter how you identify exists within all of us). The recurring themes of balance and allowing the last few days now join with this energy as the feminine guides us to connect with joy, add a little fun to the busyness and slow it down to witness, be mindful and receive the insights available to us, to allow soft flow which assists release and integration of all the inner work you have been within over the last six months.

Patience at this time, over the next few weeks, if things are being redirected know this is for the best outcome, try to let your human desire to control go as you are guided to other ways or to wait, for now. For some – Some people around you/near you may reveal themselves in ways that surprise you, hold your space and observe, be aware of your reactions, just watch them play it out and detach from them, in love. It is being shown as masks coming off, remember all is as it is to be, and for reason.

With Much Love xxx

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