22nd June 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow some time today even for a few moments to place your hands over your heart, right over left, close your eyes and allow yourself to sink into your heart space. Close your eyes and allow your body to relax, to let go, to be fully present and allow all your senses to be engaged within the heart. Feel, sense, see, open to receive. You may become aware of a thread of light, a stream of energy, a brilliant luminous stream of unconditional love that flows from your heart space and connects directly with the Divine Heart of All. See the flow of energy of unconditional love circulating from your heart space to the Divine Heart and from the Divine Heart of All back to you, always connected, always present, for you are love in Divine human form. See, sense, feel this stream of love Light filling your being and now expand it to extend through all your fields and beyond. Allow the light of Love to penetrate all.

Allow the reset, allow yourself to come back into balance, allow the world outside to disappear for a moment and rest in the arms of love dear hearts. All is well, it truly is, let the noise of the world and the mind drop away, become distant as you reconnect with love.

With abundant Love, Lee xxx

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