12th June 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Trust. Trust that where you are is perfect for you no matter how you may be humanly judging or assuming it to be. Allow the integration of all that you have travelled to anchor, the learnings, the new beliefs, the new space you are within it may feel a little ungrounded, you may feel a little adrift at times this does not mean that you are lost or missing something. Allow dear heart, allow all that this space is to be for you to be. Trust in your process and the bigger picture for you as it unfolds. Be acutely aware of when the mind is interfering and you are allowing it to run away within doubts and fears and bring it back to the heart, drop the head into the heart.

What arises for you through what may feel a test or a repeat of certain situations and experiences, no matter the ‘area’ of life it arises for you, whether it is just your own self doubts and fears that arise or it is through a relationship or work experience, this is opportunity for you to stand tall, to act, respond and be from a higher perspective, a more connected and intuitive space, a space of the heart and higher wisdom. To embrace who you are, you can do it. Embrace all, embrace who you are and trust who you have become, trust your choices, actions, words, are coming from a higher space of love from within, listen to your intuition, the inner voice.

You may feel in need of stepping back, feel you have had too much going on, whether mentally emotionally or physically and need a break or you may feel that you have come to the point of readiness to act and make change, to create and feel inspired to get things done. Listen to the guidance you are receiving, the mind may come in all to readily to tell you all sorts of stories, the old beliefs about your ability, your worthiness. Become very aware of what is truth and what is the personality, the ego meddling in your magic to keep you (as it feels) in the familiar and what it sees as a ‘safe space’. Take a deep long breath in and slowly release, fully, do this a few times, close your eyes sink into your heart space and reset, remind yourself of who you are, the luminous limitless abundant powerful Light you are. Reconnect with the Light of All, the Divine and remember you are capable of anything you set your heart to, your belief, your trust dear heart. Allow the Light of All to reassure you that you can be your fullest expression of self, you in all your magic. Let you shine.

Much Love xxx

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