Choices and Alignment

2nd June 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Choices are being brough front and centre, whether verbal, thought or action creates so be mindful of what you are creating for yourself and take a pause to align yourself with what is right, listening, feeling, following what feels intuitively, and heart guided right for you plays a big part moving through this month of June and especially it feels within the first few weeks. It’s coming in as being all about trusting where the heart is guiding you and not so much allowing yourself to be completely focused and directed by the mind which can be too reactionary, critical and dismissive. This is brought through as it is right time to trust and step outside of your routine, your familiar and mix it up a little, to get curious about what could be, to explore as you are guided in all ways to the people, places, situations and experiences that can open up for you and take you down new pathways if you allow yourself the opportunity, if you allow and trust even if it seems out of the blue or even a little too ‘out there’. This doesn’t mean jumping in both feet first but to explore possibilities before committing, not dismissing right off.

Trust it all dear hearts and allow as a way of processing the information you are receiving to softly flow by setting aside any judgments or desire to know it all, that is to be human. This is us exploring and opening (continual journey) to allow the heart to lead. Seek peaceful flow within all, your trust goes a long way in soothing the mind and welcome the serendipity and unplanned, unforeseen to arrive.

This all connects they show to the messages we received (I think two days ago) about the intuition and the crown allowing the flow of wisdom, insight and spirit to guide us, to trust it to keep the heart open which in turn allows the intuitive channels to open further, your connection. They show a golden stream of light continually flowing up and down, but at the same time it is all around, up from the heart connecting up through the higher chakras, connected to the Divine Heart of All and continuously flowing down through the crown to the heart. Your ever-present eternal connection to Love, to Light, to Source, that which you are at your core, they whisper – ‘remember who you truly are’.

Much Love xxx

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