”I trust my divine pathway is unfolding in perfect and right timing”

18th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We have been taken within over the last few months to reflect, to dig up, to be present with the past, the shadow, but at the same time within has been the magic as this journey has been leading you, showing you the way to connect with your greater power, love. All has been working together to bring about openings to more of your true self, greater freedom and expansion.

You may find this week that deeper wounding’s come to the surface, within emotions, thoughts, memories. These are bigger Soul learnings in this lifetime and many have been carried forth from other lifetimes. So if you find yourself feeling you are going back over ‘old stuff’ this week all is well. You may feel it gets boring, you are over it at times, but this is opportunity to choose to put that higher knowing, higher perspective into practice. Walk within greater self-mastery. You are your own healer, what are you being shown that you are carrying around from the past? Witness any patterns that arise, watch yourself as if from above, hold compassion and kindness as you are shown what is ready to be released. Remember your power, know you are more than capable of taking small steps or making choice to do different, little bit by little bit, make and be the change you want to see. You are your own powerful healer, you have always had that power deep within you, trust in yourself as you are shown deeper layers that are ready to be seen and felt because of the powerful work you have already done. All is leading you to greater unfolding, greater magic, see it all as a gift, change your perspective and you see that all is benefitting your rise in love, in light. Your perspective is a game changer.

Blessed day to all powerful beings of love xxx

Divine Feminine Rising – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022
The Divine Feminine Code wanted to be present with this message so use her this week if you feel drawn to her.
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