I AM always Divinely Guided and Supported

7th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The messages today split for reason to reach those that are intended to connect with them, for some the message/s will have a deeper level resonance than others. They start today by flowing on from a part of yesterday’s message of trusting your knowing. Spirit speaks of trusting the answers you find within, connect with the love and truth present for you when you go within, connect with the inner light, the spark that is you for there are powerful insights and information flowing through. For some this is particularly today, if you feel this is you as you read this take the time to be still and receive what is ready to be given to you, it is time. There is an abundance of love, wisdom, guidance if you are willing to go within. It is from within us not outside of us that we hear the Soul speak. Connect within, meditate, be still, the Divine love is found within you. Trust that what you receive, what you feel is true, is very real, the presence you feel is real.

For some – If you are feeling within a clearing out, triggers are illuminating where change is asking to be brought, if your body or mind, your heart feels heavy at this time know that this will change, there will be a shift come, don’t lose heart, keep going one day, one hour, one moment at a time, it will not stay the same for all changes, change is constant. Your light never leaves you nor can it be extinguished, go within and sit within your heart for a moment, call upon the Divine, the Angels and ask to receive the courage, strength, love and healing needed at this time. To be shown the next step to guide you through. Some days your light may feel distant, feel clouded or blocked by a confused mind, or the emotions of experiences you are within, working through or clearing. All is well, it will pass, trust this, it is all a part of what we are here to experience as the divine human we are. There is a gift within all, try to shift your perspective a little, stay out of judgement, of the humans pattern to label things as good or bad and you powerfully shift your whole experience as all is propelling you forwards and to greater levels of enlightenment and empowerment. Trust the process, trust yourself.

Also connected to the messages recently received around some that are teetering on the edge of stepping outside of their comfort zones, particularly it came through speaking to those that receive and feel, sense information and are hesitant to share. Spirit speaks of devotion, devoting yourself fully (a bit at a time) to what is in your heart, you have the strength, support, and courage, you just have to believe you have. These rising desires of the heart may trigger limiting beliefs from this life and others around being seen, all the fears arise and the ego, the personality wants to keep you small so the mind chips in all the reasons why you shouldn’t, the reasons that keep you within fear. Your devotion to your emerging pathway will attract the support you need. Start to write, type, express, record, paint, sing, speak, create whatever you do to express what is within you, and perhaps you don’t share it just yet but to express it is a start. Your Soul calls louder, it may be scary but again it all starts from something, from the courage to step out and let love.

“I AM divinely guided and supported when I step outside of my comfort zones.”

Much Love xxx

I have been given the image of a particular Code from a series called the Venusian 5 Codes. The intensity of the Light they hold is not for all so I wont place the particular Code image here. If you feel drawn to these this may be what some are seeking at this time. You will receive some of their light through the images enough to know if they are what you are calling in for yourself and are ready to work within. Contact me if you are interested in working with the light they are.