You are a Beautiful Gift to the World

21st June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today is a reminder of how beautiful you truly are, you are a beautiful gift to this world, if you have trouble taking that in and owning that it is merely highlighting, hitting the shadow where you haven’t fully been able to (yet) love yourself. Where you are at and whatever you may be experiencing in your life in your emotions, your thoughts at this exact moment of now is okay, it’s always changing you are never stuck you just feel that you are within particular situations. Have faith and trust in yourself and remind yourself of who and what you truly are. So much is being revealed to you at this time to expand and empower you forwards. Again see the beauty in what is being revealed to you, you may not see it at the time, that’s okay do your best where you are at, trust.

We continue to change, mentally and on a subconscious level as we work through deeper healing our thought processors, old patterns which are outdated, unaligned with your now way of being. See the mind for what it is, see it from a state of neutrality, yes at times an unhelpful voice that is self-critical or negative, doubtful, it cannot help itself it is a part of being human, love it thank it and keep resetting your thoughts as you move thought the present energies of the coming solstice today (night for us in the southern hemisphere). These huge energetic portals don’t ‘create’ our feelings and situations but they can magnify and amplify what we already hold within that is ready to be worked with, they can shine a light on what is still in shadow, those parts of us that we haven’t fully accepted or been able to fully love. Ultimately we are the only ones that can actively choose to make changes within our lives or make peace with where change may be out of our complete control. Keep choosing to walk within love within all your communications, outward and inward, your interactions with others, those close to you, listen to your intuition, the messages from Soul and your heart, the messages that you receive but may miss in the busyness of the mind. Keep making time to find even ten minutes to allow yourself to breathe, do things that you know support you not add to stress or overload, those self- love tools. Most of all practice kindness to yourself, love yourself for the magic that you are just as you are now. You hold an innate power within you to know what is best for you trust this for we are both human and Divine.

A little pop in lastly for some of you, you will know if it speaks to you as it will be felt in the heart or your body. Where are you not following things through? What little plans or ideas have you had, insights that you have connected with haven’t done anything with, let go of or avoided/resisted and if so why? A little bit of honest digging in here will help you to see any old patterns, self-worth and self-trust beliefs that may still be present.

Much Love xxx

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