Open to Receive

11th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

A very high vibrational day today as the higher frequencies present at this time within November stream through, a perfect day for meditation and connection, creation but then again every day is. If you have been experiencing synchronicities lately, perhaps repeated numbers 11:11 1:11, 2:22 22:22, and all variations through the 3’s onwards you are being continually shown you are supported, and you are further aligning within the frequencies of (greater) Oneness. The pillars of the 11, two pillars, remind us that we are one (individual) strong standing in our own power but we amplify this power when we stand together, as ONE, for we are all One. Hasn’t that been the message of the world streaming in for us to realise for quite some years now. When we stand together in love, in our powerful love, hearts open we are creating change, such powerful change. We are not separate although much has been created to increase our feelings of separation from the Divine Source and from ourselves. The chaos or disruption we feel and see playing out throughout the world in many forms shows us what is not of love, what has not been formed and created, built on truth and love. As more and more awaken and continue to rise in their own light, truth, authenticity and love it is literally shaking the very foundations of what has been in shadow for so long in our world.

Those that have been really digging in and not avoiding doing the inner work and those that ‘work’ within the healing, mentoring, transformative fields (to call it that) and this covers so, so many different areas/fields individuals you may have been feeling the push the amplification of your love your light as you are called to step up even further into who you are so you can assist others to do the same. The shadow aspects have been highlighted within all of us it does not matter who you are or what you do, we are all human, we all have stories, the gifted opportunity for deeper clearing is so we can come into greater alignment and vibrational match to take that next step. Many are being activated, new keys and Codes awakening and being turning on within.

Try not to resist what arises whether shadow that shows you what you are still working to bring into love and acceptance within yourself, or a nudge to step out and start creating that podcast, act on that deep desire to write, whatever it be, it may be motivation to start that body moving, welcome it. Many epiphanies and sparks of idea, creation coming in as this 11/11 portal (which continues many days afterwards) is a time to set intentions, use these energies as they may just give you that little boost of confidence needed to take steps forth. All is perfect.

Mediate or take a moment to come into the heart, to centre and open to receive as this day is a powerful one for being able to connect to higher guidance, Soul is closely guiding you.

The Code for the 11/11 that came in last year (and the year does not matter as it is the frequencies of the 11/11 it holds they say) has revisited my conscious thoughts and so I will place it below, meditate with it as today is a beautiful day to open your heart and further allow the release of any blocks, particularly to love, loving the self, it starts with you.

Much Love xxx

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