New Openings

18th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

What new openings can you feel within you and what openings are you starting to see becoming very real and visible in your reality? The work you have been doing as you have been moving through and applying as best you can your wisdom gained, your new ways of being to all within your life, it’s not perfect no but it doesn’t have to be. It’s starting to give you the little glimpses, sensations, gut feelings, signs that there are indeed doors opening to the new for you. It may feel for some that it has been a lot of hard going, intense times over the last few weeks or months, a lot rising to be acknowledged for clearing and release but this is not all that is occurring within this process, the magical shifting, the growth, the expansion, some of which you are yet to feel, see, integrate but make no mistake it is opening the doors and things are shifting for you.

A beautiful encouraging reminder of your power, your strength, your courageousness just to be here in human form, for this Earth can feel one of great challenge depending on what the Soul has chosen to walk (and other factors) a place that we don’t always make the best or most aligned decisions and choices for ourselves, but all is okay within everything Dear Radiant Light for within all, every moment you are growing, your are thriving you are expanding and opening to greater love. Allow the doors to open, the light to pour in, to fill every fibre of your being, welcome Divine Light into every space, every space within the spaces, and be present, breathe in this energising, uplifting renewing stream of light that is the every present Source of Love available to you in every moment, that which you are and are of. Call it in and fill yourself up deeply, feel the renewal. Do this in the sunlight if possible they guide.

Allow yourself to keep letting go of that which is ready to set you free, to expand and open you, to open the doors wide. That which you avoid may come up within repeating messages and/or situations so be aware of what is being lovingly shown to you, it doesn’t come to annoy or cause chaos although his may be how you feel about it, look beyond the emotions and see through to what is being shown to you, see the bigger picture, see the message, connect with the insights present and allow love in.

Much Love xxx

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