Destiny Calls

2nd March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Hands over your heart today, feel into the power of you, the love, the peace, the light that is present there, allow it to fill you up, to renew and uplift you. Feel your connection with all, as one with the Divine Source, know your connection is real as you are an infinite Sou, there is no separation there never has been, you have been held, loved and connected throughout your entire existence. You are Soul and you are reminded of this truth today, remind yourself often by feeling into your heart through the placing of your hands, feel its energy run through you.

Trust in yourself, trust in your ability to create, for you are creating a new, a newness for your life as you continue to choose to do different, to do what feels in alignment for your highest good, you are choosing to come back to you. Many of you are feeling different, there is a differentness about you, you feel it but it is hard to describe, your knowing has come on line in noticeable ways as the old paradigms continue to fall away and you rewrite your now moment. Your trust is everything.

Your awareness of who and what you are, what you are actually capable of, your strength, your compassion, your love, your enormity in this universe is expanding. You’re taking back your power and you are feeling its energy rise within you. Many of you may be feeling the pull to connect with your passions, connect with your spiritual work in deeper ways, things are changing, allow them to, trust you are guided here in all ways, release resistance and enter flow for Spirit is guiding you, trust that you are being shown different ways you can activate and use your gifts. Your unique expression is rising up to be heard, you may be feeling the pull, the want to express yourself and your gifts but aren’t sure how. Allow it to drop in, patience you can’t push it, ask to be shown and surrender, at the same time be mindful that many messages are missed in busyness and not allowing space to be open and still. Many are ignored and written off as just thoughts, be aware of your thoughts, be aware of what you are being guided to as you feel this create surge run through you.

So many are being called into purposeful service of the Soul, activation to the souls highest path and true divine purpose. Embrace your multidimensional self in all its expression. Explore your passions in joy, what lights you up, what do you dare to dream? Dreams are guides. There feels a surge of energy that will ramp up heading into and through tomorrow being 3/3, use it to your advantage.

To my Daddy Bear on what would have been your 81st Birthday I love you.

Much Love xxx

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