Choosing the Heart

15th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep consciously stepping along your path holding greater awareness to your choices, actions, thoughts and words so they can best align with your heart. Bringing your conscious awareness to your choices in each moment to pause and feel into the reactions and thoughts that come up within you in your day within certain situations, people, world events, relationships, in all that is within your life and keep making choice for the self, choice that aligns you with your highest and most loving pathway. More importantly where you choose to involve yourself in things that are not your responsibility or really have nothing to do with benefiting your life and path. Where is your focus, bring it back to you, to your highest good, your passion and purpose. What are you choosing for you?

When we choose to walk within the highest timeline possible, make the highest aligned heart choices for the self we also flow our light out and touch those we connect with, those we love. We are the best we can be, and this is not about an ideal ‘perfect self’ but the best ‘you’ can be in your experience, in your now moment, that is enough.  Walk in deep gratitude for all you are blessed with, but what Spirit is wanting us to be is in deep gratitude for the self, love for the self.

Breath into your heart space and be present, just for a few minutes stop and focus on your heart and the magnificent light within, feel into the power of the love you hold within, the ever present spark. It may bring you to tears, a smile, you may feel overwhelmed with what you do find in this space. Does your heart have a message for you, can you tell yourself “I love you”. This for many of us is the hardest thing to do as we have been so disconnected for ourselves, for many reasons. Allow how you feel to rise, don’t stuff it back down or avoid it You may feel the tears rise, well up as you are releasing grief, releasing pain and letting go that little bit more of anything that has brought you to feel anything less than, lacking or not perfect in every way. “I AM whole, I AM Complete, I AM perfect in every way, I AM Love, I Love you”.

You are worthy, keep rising, if only you could see how far you have come, you are a blessing.

Much Love xxx

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